Regarding the Loss of Resources

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Regarding the Loss of Resources

Post  KingJames on Tue Jul 20, 2010 10:52 am

Resources are very important. They are the essence from which our growth stems and if we are to be formidable, functional, and fierce, we need to lose as few as possible.

There are two ways not to lose resources to incoming attacks- You can Dodge, or you can Defend. Dodging is when the attackers efforts yield no fruit. You build your crannies up and spend your stock piles down so that by the time of the attack there is nothing left in the village for the attacker to steal. If there are also no troops to kill- you are set back even less. Repeated several times for several attacks, this process can be very frustrating.

Defending is just that, Have enough troops in your village to slaughter everything that comes in.

I usually employ a hybrid strategy of defending what few resources I haven't spent yet.

So, starting today, I am poking through every report in everyones village and seeing who is losing the most. Players that attract my concern will be put on a probation list. They will have one week to fix the problem and if by that point they are still losing resources to incoming attacks, they will be booted. I see no point in public embarrassment, so there will be no MM informing everyone of the probation list. Players will be contacted individually, and an MM might go out if and when we let someone go.


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